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It has been some time now since I took a chance and started to use Philosophers Notes.

It is a very cool idea and I am envious you get to “read” for a living. Good for you – nice job!

Your current work has come to be water for my soul.

I am not able to become a sadhu or a reclused holy man but I have my sacred time each morning and it is very important.

I arise and align and stretch and moan and it is always good, but sometimes the vagaries of life leave me feeling flat. Read more …

“This Program Pulled It All Together For Me”

Catherine from Maine,US. on Love Or Above Online Course by Christie Marie Sheldon.

Catherine went through couple of tough experiences and decided to start Love Or Above Online Course.

“After losing both my parents within 9 weeks of each other in the past three months I was in pain, emotional, physical and mental pain. Through the program of Love or Above I have been able to release a lot. And I’ve gotten pretty good at doing it. I am totally amazed how easily and quickly I can zap those cords and return the pain to it’s rightful owner.

I have also been able to change my husbands attitude and bring back to the caring gentle man I fell in love with 8 years ago.This program pulled it all together for me. Read more …

Thank you Christie Marie.”

“You have been a God sent person in my life”

Milla (Rose) M K from Canada, thank you note for Christie Marie Sheldon-Spiritual teacher, intuitive life coach and the founder of Love or Above.

“It has been brilliant what you’ve done for us and particularly for me. You are and you have been a God sent person in my life these last 3 months.

Now I understand a lot about how the Universe works thanks to you. Your teaching is so practical that I am sure that if I succeed to clear all my blocks, obstacles and everything else on my way there is no way I won’t be able to do what I’ve always wanted.

I have never met anyone as honest as you. May you be abundantly blessed always!” Read more …

“I used the Silva method of relaxation during a recent MRI”

Roseanne Ellis from Canada, on the Silva Mind Body Healing Online Course

“I used the Silva method of relaxation during a recent MRI. I had to be in the MRI “culvert” for 40 minutes without moving. The 40 minutes went by in no time. I was able to control my mind so as not to go crazy with feeling claustrophobic. When the pain got too much I focused the white light directly on it and I actually felt warmth. So all in all it worked great and I don’t know what I would have done without it.

It works in many situations you would never think until they happen.

I am glad I made the purchase.” Read more …

“I am grateful to you for coming up with this series”

Linda Borel Sedona, from Arizona on OmLife

“My goal for using the OmLife was to control my anxiety. Many changes have gone on in the past year for me and sometimes things get a bit overwhelming.

I bought the OmLife series and am thrilled I did. Using the music and meditating has help, me to focus. I have been able to face lives challenges on a daily basis and still make time for me. I am grateful to you for coming up with this series and look forward to the rewards that will come from setting aside the time to meditate.

I am very happy with the product and grateful it exists. Puts my thoughts and life back in alignment.” Read more …

“It’s Not About the Money”

From Brent Kessel on Philosophers Notes.

“Philosophers Notes are one of the most incredible tools available to the busy professional with a fundamental interest in self-improvement. Brian’s depth of personal growth experience shines through in his accurate, concise and selfrevealing synopses of many of the greatest self-help books of our time.

You feel like you’re sitting in the living room of a great mind as he shares the ten biggest ideas from each book, highlighted quotes, and his own astute commentary.

Now that they’re here, I can’t imagine keeping up on the world of self-help literature without PhilosophersNotes.” Read more …

“Finding Burt was a God send for me ”

Dave Fields from Hobart, Washington on Quantum Jumping online course

“My goals for Quantum Jumping is improving skills I already have and finding new ones too.

Quantum Jumping has enriched my life by allowing me to hone my skills as a jeweler by tapping into a source for more intricate designs and better execution. My jewelry is now appealing to a larger audience of buyers, and I am getting many return orders from friends and family of my current customers.

Finding Burt was a God sent for me.

I have recommended Quantum Jumping to others in my family and many of my friends.” Read more …

“OmHarmonics is my only way to lose weight and the meditation actually works”

Jean Riley from Evergreen, Colorado on Omharmonics

“I use Omharmonics, every night, to calm my overactive HPA axis.OmHarmonics is my only way to lose weight and the meditation actually works! By listening to Omharmonics on my Nano, I am able to exercise lightly without gaining weight. Omharmonics is the only thing that has helped me with my condition in the past 6 years.

I would recommend OmLife to anyone seaking deep relaxation.

Thank you!” Read more …

“I am living testimony to how amazing this is”

Trish Kling from Zimbabwe on Qi Gong Home Training Program by Lee Holden:

“I live in Zimbabwe and this program has helped me so much. I have just gone through my 7th operation on my mouth and this one I sailed through as have been using Qi Gong for the 30 days plus Lee’s program with the healing sounds for each organ. I now have teeth in my mouth after3 years and can’t tell you how different the experience was this time.

Everything fell into place and I am so happy and so excited. I so want to pass this on to others and to teach Qi Gong to others because I am living testimony to how amazing this is!

Thank you” Read more …

“I can’t believe the amount of women that are approaching me”

Mark from England on Love Or Above Home Training Course by Christie Marie Sheldon :

“This stuff really works, I no longer have negative thoughts, I have so much confidence, its as though I am a magnet for attracting people and raising their vibes.

I can’t believe the amount of women that are approaching me, finding a soulmate is high on my list and really, opportunities are everywhere.
If I’m in the gym or walking out in the countryside or if I’m having a drink in a bar, women are coming up to me and talking, truly amazing.” Read more …

“I’ve gained approximately $60,000 worth of consulting contracts”

AJ story on Unlimited Abundance course:

“It has taken a few weeks, but manifestation has been at work – so I’ll be in a position to pay my outstanding Unlimited Abundance course fees on Thursday. Just to fill you in, I made a promise that, if within the 10-day $1 trial period I was able to gain an additional $4,000 in resources – I’d happily pay for the course.

The flow of events has been such that I’ve gained approximately $60,000 worth of consulting contracts stemming from actions and decisions taken during that trial week. As the flows have begun to arrive I’m delighted to pay my fee, and also to share my success story with you.

Wishing you a wonderful day.” Read more …

“I now sleep through the night and wake up feeling rested”

Donna Mastricola on Mobile Meditation Application

“I have been troubled by lack of sleep for years. I would have no problem falling asleep but would wake up at 2am and not be able to fall back asleep.

This left me with very low energy. I tried many different things but nothing worked. Your tracks did the trick. I now sleep through the night and wake up feeling rested. If I do wake up I just listen again and go back to sleep. My gratitude is immense. Words do not express how I feel.” Read more …

“I have healed a few people since following Burt’s guidance”

Marc Malek on Quantum Jumping Courses by Burt Goldman;

“I enjoy Burt Goldman’s philosophies and techniques. His lifelong quest for truth is admirable and his ability to deliver it to the masses is impressive. I have the Quantum jumping, Past Life Regression and Intuitive Healer programs. I have healed a few people since following Burt’s guidance in the Intuitive Healer program. I’m new to the whole meditation process so I’m looking forward to improving my skills with Burt’s guidance! “ Read more …

“Stresses seemed to reduce and my ability to handle the daily routine improved greatly”

Mick Ikin from Australia on OmLife

“I found that after spending the 15 to 30 minutes listening to the OmHarmonics first thing every morning for the OmLife, my days were becoming much more relaxed as the week went on, stresses seemed to reduce and my ability to handle the daily routine improved greatly.

I now listen to these tracks whilst I am working alone and find that sometimes mundane tasks, that can have your mind running wild and all over the place, now are more productive and focused.

I also go to bed listening to them on a continuous loop, inducing a relaxed sleep and a refreshing start to the day.

Thank you!” Read more …

“Killler content and format”

John Assaraf – A New York Times Bestselling Author Unlimited Abundance Online Course by Brain Johnson. He was also featured in The blockbuster movie and book The Secret.

“I am grateful for Brian Johnson creating Philosophers notes. Got my package a few days ago, listened to a few tracks, read some notes…killer content and format! Just the right length so I have no excuses – I just added to my intentions list to listen to one a day for 100 days!” Read more …

“It’s an amazing experience”

From Renata, a spiritual coach and mind power expert known to his fans as The American Monk. on Quantum Jumping Course

“Just wanted to say thank you very much for sharing quantum jumping techniques. I am a big believer of things like that myself and since I`ve heard about it I`m practicing it every day. It`s an amazing experience! Little things are happening already but I`ll wait for bigger things to become real and then I`ll share my stories with you.

Keep on doing it. A big fan of yours!

Thank you” Read more …

“Christie you have been an inspiration for me”

From Rosana on Love Or Above program

“In using Christie’s clearing methods, I’ve identified and cleared my blocks to receiving abundance and I have no doubt that everything Im hoping for will come about. An old client of my business, lend me $50,000. 00 dollars to start my business again and sales are improving every month.

Im very grateful to Source/Divinity and Christie for her work. It really works and I feel better about myself than I ever had. Christie you have been an inspiration for me, thank you for caring enough to share all that you know with all of us. Much love and blessings to you and your organization.” Read more …

“I am smiling so much more”

From Judy on Love Or Above Online Training Course;

“I am smiling so much more. I feel so connected to the light and can actually see this huge ball of gold high above me before I even invite it into my world.

My energy levels have improved and I am getting more done. I connect morning, noon and night and have experienced beautiful dreams during an uninterrupted night.

My days are happy. I am asking ‘What would it take’ and getting results when my feet seem to float as I walk, do my chores, hit the books to study or just relax. I’ve learned that I CAN meditate. I love meditation now.

I am shining and I love it.” Read more …

“ I have managed to save about $7000 in a very short time period”

Darrel from Hawaii on the Unlimited Abundance Home Training Course

“I am a writer, lecturer, facilitator, and relationship coach. I am very creative but I knew I had some energy blocks so I was looking for the best way to get to the matter and resolve it. I am feeling much freer and way less stressed and I am staying in my creative energy longer.

I have managed to save about $7000 in a very short time period about two months. I am being approached by many beautiful women who want to get to know me better and I am feeling very confident about my future as money making ideas fill my thoughts.” Read more …

“It’s rare to discover a service that springs directly from the creator’s genius”

From Gay Hendricks on Philosophers Notes. by Brian Johnson, Author of “Five Wishes” and Co-Author, with Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks, of “Conscious Loving” on “Brian Johnson is a national and international treasure, and his consciousness is a gift to us all. I’m delighted that his new service,PhilosophersNotes, is having such a large global impact.

It’s rare to discover a service that springs directly from the creator’s genius, and rarer still to find something so useful that makes life richer and simpler. I encourage you to subscribe to PhilosophersNotes and tune to Brian’s frequency.” Read more …

“It has been the best thing ever for me”

Patricia Engebretson from Edmonton, Alberta on Unlimited Abundance

“I have been following along with your Unlimited Abundance course at home almost every day. I’m not as indecisive at making decisions, and feel more confident with my self. I feel more up lifted and supported. When I heard your online program, I knew I needed this course, and it has been the best thing ever for me.

Everyday I look forward to breaking up more blocks, that’s stopping me from living my dream life.. I love high vibes everyday!

Thank you so much Christie, you’ve become a friend of mine!” Read more …


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