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We ensure that our community of over 200,000 students have the best experience possible online

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Dimitar Chatleski

“I must say that I am really happy that I subscribed to you. The videos and articles that you are sharing are truly inspirational, boosting up the creativity and eagerness to go out there and do more. Just for an example, Vishen Lakhiani presentation was a great booster. Thank you for your content. You are truly doing a great job.”


“Since becoming an Mindvalley course owner several years ago, I have used these courses to change my life and make my dreams come true. At age 67, I am FINALLY a published author! I would NEVER have had the nerve to even start this project, much less the luck to have a publisher virtually fall into my life, if it hadn’t been for the learning and changing I have done through Mindvalley courses. I have done others, yes, but I have to say that the Mindvalley contributors are just first rate and make these principles so easy to access and incorporate!”

Gary Goldstein

“I must tell you – I love Vishen’s insights into where we are and where we’re going, just the way he weaves it together into sophisticated and very practical smart strategies that I can use immediately. Why am I using these strategies? Because they fit into a very fit set of trends. My brain exploded! Thank you!”